"Ingenuity in VR" is a fun virtual reality experience that allows the user to fly the little helicopter called Ingenuity either from the eyes of Perseverance's Mastcam-Z cameras or the eyes of Ingenuity through its horizon pointing "13 mega pixel" color camera. Either way, you will be able fly Ingenuity, thanks to its on board computer as easy as some of the most popular personal drones in the past few years over a terrain recreated from the NASA based public domain image repository and terrain meshes to reflect Perseverance's landing site. Unlike Ingenuity, you will have the freedom to go wherever you want within a 60 second flight window, and up to 20 meters above the surface. Plus, take as many "selfies" as you want from either Perseverance or Ingenuity while in flight. To make you feel even more like you are part of the mission, HMD rotation and movement will be limited to that of rate of movement of either Perseverance's servo's or the custom blade pitch DC motors of Ingenuity.